Task 38
Task 38
SHC Task 38

Solar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Project (Task) Objectives

The main objective of the Task is the implementation of measures for an accelerated market introduction of solar air conditioning and refrigeration with focus on improved components and system concepts. The market introduction will be supported through activities in development and testing of cooling equipment for the residential and small commercial sector;

  • development of pre-engineered system concepts for small and medium size systems and development of optimised and standardised schemes for custom made systems;
  • reports on the experiences with new pilot and demonstration plants and on the evaluation and performance assessment procedure;
  • provision of accompanying documents supporting the planning, installation and commissioning of solar cooling plants;
  • analysis of novel concepts and technologies with special emphasis on thermodynamic principles and a bibliographic review;
  • performance comparison of available simulation tools and applicability for planning and system analysis;
  • market transfer and market stimulation activities, which include information letters, work-shops and training material as well as the 2nd edition of the Handbook for Solar Cooling for Planners.