Task 38
Task 38
SHC Task 38

Solar Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Project (Task) Subtasks

Subtask A: Pre-engineered systems for residential and small commercial applications

Subtask Lead Country: Austria
Subtask Leaders: Dagmar Jähnig, AEE INTEC

A1 Market overview

Several reports are currently planned: responsible institutions are in brackets after each report title.

  • State-of-the-art report describing market available cooling and heat rejection equipment in the desired capacity range in a comparative and standardised manner (ISE).
  • An overview of market available solar combisystems (AEE INTEC) and cold storage systems (Fraunhofer UMSICHT).
  • An overview of typical conventional systems in each participating country will be prepared (Queen’s university).

A2 Collection of selected systems schemes (generic systems) (ZAE)
A3 Technical report on the implemented experimental and monitoring activities (AEE INTEC)
A4 Compilation of proposals for system evaluation procedures (AEE INTEC, CIEMAT)
A5 Installation and maintenance guidelines for pre-engineered systems (not defined yet)

Subtask B: Custom-made systems for large non-residential buildings and industrial applications

Subtask Lead Country: Italy
Subtask Leaders: Wolfram Sparber, EURAC

The work in Subtask B comprises the following work packages (in brackets: responsible institutions/persons).

B1 Market overview (University of Palermo, DREAM: Marco Beccali)
B2 System design and control (arsenal research: Tim Selke)
B3 Monitoring, evaluation procedure (Eurac research, Wolfram Sparber)
B4 Method for fast pre design (tecsol, Daniel Mugnier)
B5 Installation guidelines (ILK Dresden, Uwe Franzke)
B6 Call for tender guidelines (checklists) (TU Berlin, Jan Albers)

Subtask C: Modelling and fundamental analysis

Subtask Lead Country: France
Subtask Leaders: Etienne Wurtz, INES and Paul Bourdoukan, SORANE SA

We decided to organise this subtask in 5 work packages and each subgroup has two correspondents. The situation is the following:

C1 State of the art: lead by Mickael Krause (Fraunhofer IBP) and Robert Ghirlando (University of Malta)
C2 Simulation: lead by Paul Bourdoukan (SORANE SA) and Constanze Bongs (Fraunhofer ISE)
C3 Thermodynamic analysis: lead by Luigi Marletta (University of Catania)
C5 Heat rejection: lead by Lars Reinholdt (DTI, Denmark) and Harald Moser ( IWT, Technische Universität Graz)

Subtask D: Market transfer activities

Subtask Lead Country: Italy
Subtask Leaders: Mario Motta, POLIMI

The work in Subtask D has been re-organised according to possible inputs from experts prior to the first expert meeting and during the first expert meeting. The Work Packages of Subtask D are shown on the table below.

D1 Performance assessment methodology ( ISE)
D2 Certification and standards - To Be Defined (Florence University)
D3 Life cycle assessment - DREAM: Uni Catania
D4 Handbook 2nd edition (POLIMI, ISE)
D5.1 Policy paper (ISE, Polimi, ECN?)
D5.2 Training material (Ambiente Italia)
D5.3 Industry workshop (All participants)
D5.4 E-newsletter ( ISE, All participants)
D6 Market Analysis (POLIMI, Aiguasol)